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Keep Kids Safely Buckled Up!
This kit was designed especially for school buses and vehicles transporting young children or special needs passengers. It consists of 6 Buckle Guards on a Velcro strip that can be attached to the dash of the bus or transportation vehicle or inside a cabinet or compartment. This keeps the Buckle Guards handy when needed and offers a place to store them when not in use. Keep everyone safely Buckled up with Seat Belt Buckle Guard™ on their seat belt buckles!
Buckle Guard™ , the original seat belt buckle cover, slips over a standard-sized seat buckle and hides the release button from a curious fingers and keeps the buckle out of view. This helps to prevents and deters children and those with special needs from undoing their seat belt buckles while riding in a motorized vehicle. It deters or slows down the ability of an agitated patiend from undoing their belt buckles while in emergency transit.

Color: Black
Weight: 2 lbs
Cost: 44.95

Buckle Guard Original Bus Kit

SKU: 80326
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