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Gadjit Seed & Feed Funnel (Pack of 2) - Funnel Twists onto an Empty Plastic Soda Bottle, Designed for Filling a Soda Bottle with Bird Seed or Nectar (White) Get Ready for Spring Bird Feeding


This cute little filling funnel twists onto an empty plastic soda bottle. It can be used for filling a bottle with birdseed or with liquids. • It’s an easier, more convenient way to fill various sizes of reusable bottles. • Large funnel opening to prevent spills. • Built-in pouring lip. • Dual threads allow for fitting on both large and small bottles • Screws on for more wobble-free filling • Hook attaches to jug handles to prevent loss.

Weight: .1 lbs
Color: White
Price: $4.98



Seed and Funnels - 2 pack (Retail Tags)

SKU: 27131-2
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