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Gadjit Soda Bottle Wild Bird Watering Well Kits (Pack of 2) Fill Plastic Soda Bottle with Water, Twist onto Watering Tray, Hang Outdoors (Blue) Spring Bird Feeding


Turn Soda Bottles into Birdfeeders and More!
Reuse and recycle your soda bottle into a Watering Well for birds. This cute little "kit" comes with everything you need -- just add your bottle and water and you are ready to quench those thirsty birds! Each unit includes a hanger and a twist-on reservoir. Complete instructions, beautiful 4 color packaging. Great for gift giving and kids projects.

Weight: .25 lbs
Color: Blue
Price: $9.90



Soda Bottle Watering Well - 2 pack (poly bagged)

SKU: 10110-2
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