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Tidal Wake TAG-IT Snub Nose Surf & Wake Board Sock Bag with Built-in Name Tag and Handle 58", Tag Your Bag - Personalize with Your Name!


  • TAG YOUR BAG! Snub Nose Blue & Gray Colorblox Surf & Wake Board Sock. Tag-It is not your ordinary Board Bag! It not only Protects your surf or wake board, but it also PERSONALIZES it! Comes with a Built-in Name Tag where you can write in your name or the name of your board.
  • THIS BOARD SOCK COMES WITH AN EZ CARRY HANDLE! Taking your board from place to place is no longer an awkward job!
  • FITS LIKE A GLOVE! Tag-It surrounds your beautiful board in an ultra-soft, durable, fabric that protects it from dings, scratches, and UV rays. The padded nose end adds additional trusted protection.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE. Tag-It Snub Nose Board Sock is 58-59" long and 21" wide. It easily slips over your board and closes with a drawstring.