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McNaughton Inc. is a family owned company, located in Minneapolis. The company was founded more than three decades ago by brother-sister team, Jamie McNaughton and Patrick McNaughton. It’s safe to say that these siblings were destined to be successful entrepreneurs.


As children, Patrick loved to invent things and Jamie loved to sell things in her “store.”  They grew up working in their grandparent’s bakery where they learned a solid work ethic and entrepreneurial skills. No surprise that Patrick studied engineering in college and Jamie went into sales. Their dream was to someday start their own business. 


In 1985, while Patrick was still in college, the pair founded McNaughton Inc. to market their first product – a three-wheeled water bike. That was the beginning of eight product lines, hundreds of products, and dozens of patents for products that “Make Your Life Easier, Better, Safer and more FUN!”  


Today, McNaughton Inc. manufactures 340 products for boating, home, and garden, under the brand names of Tidal Wake, Master Mounts, Soapy Soles, Body & Sole, Buckle Guard, and Gadjit. The siblings still love inventing and working with customers, just like they did when they were kids. Their greatest reward is in knowing that their products offer people everyday life solutions that can lessen frustration and stress or simply offer more fun.


Jamie and Patrick are also passionate about inspiring budding inventors and young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make their own personal mark in the world.


If you’d like to connect with Patrick or Jamie -- send them an email at Jamiem@gadjits.com.

Patrick McNaughton
Company President & Inventor
Jamie McNaughton
Company VP & Global Sales Director
Kris Zvanovec
Logistics & Warehouse Manager
Susan Martinez
PR & Marketing Director
Trista Whitman
Shipping & Customer Service Specialist
Michele Campion
Accounting Manager
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