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Gadjit Window Vases

Window Vases Create New Spaces!

Imagine beautiful bouquets in unexpected places like windows and  mirrors, even the side of an office file cabinet!  Gadjit Window Vases are soft, flat, flexible, unbreakable vinyl plastic vases that attach to any window, mirror, or non-porous surface with suction cups. When filled with water, they become 3D vases that are up and out of the way from running kids and wagging tails.

Great for fresh cut, silk, or dried flowers. Can also be used with live plants and dirt. All ages can create an attractive display by mixing roses, daisies, tulips, carnations, or any other flowers you like. Perfect for home, office, and school use. Makes ordinary windows look like a Window Wonderland! Flowers not included with vases.  Window Vases are NOT made of glass or hard plastic.  Made in USA.
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