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Soda Bottle Watering Well Kit includes Watering Tray, Net, and Hanger. Soda Bottle Watering Well. #10110-25 This waterer turns an empty plastic soda bottle into a "drinking fountain" for wild birds. Birds love water! Offering a source of water can increase the number of wild birds you attract to your yard. Provides a water source for thirsty wild birds. Has 4 perches and 4 water holes. Is a perfect companion for Soda Bottle Bird Seed & Nectar Feeders. Promotes re-use of plastic soda bottles. Encourages care and respect for wild life. Great nature project for kids! MSRP: $3.60 each. Your Cost: $1.80 each

25 Soda Bottle Wild Bird Watering Well (Blue)

SKU: 10110-25
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