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Sweep it up with Swiper Brush!
Swiper Brush Hand-Held Sweeper keeps table-tops tidy, takes care of little crumbly spills and even picks up dropped needles from under Christmas trees and wreaths. It's a handheld cleaning tool designed to pick up eveything from dry crumbs to dead or browning tree needles. No need to haul out your bulky vacuum cleaner to keep your holiday house looking clean and bright. Swiper Brush will also pick up dirt, pet hair, even nuts and bolts off any surface. Easy to use-- even children can use Swiper Brush. Just move the product back and forth over the debris or dropped needles (fir, spruce, pine). Easy to empty--simply slide the lid open and drop the contents into a trash receptacle.

Weight: .3 lbs
Color: Green
Price: $6.95

Holiday Christmas Tree Needle Mini Sweeper

SKU: 92117
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