Gadjit Beverage Bands Stop On-The-Go Drinks from Wobbling in Your Cup Holder 2PK

SKU: 50215

Gadjit Beverage Bands Stop On-The-Go Drinks from Wobbling in Your Cup Holder (2 Pack)- Keeps 8-28 oz Coffee Cups, 12-16 oz Soda Cans, 20 oz Water Bottles, Mugs or Tumblers from Tipping or Spilling



  • STOP THE WOBBLE! Is your car drink holder too big for your soda can? or your travel mug? Tired of on-the-go drinks wobbling, splashing and spilling in your car's beverage holder? The band eliminates the empty gap around the base of your cup/can/bottle/mug to stabilize it in your drink holder. Some cups are just too skinny for your cup holder and Beverage Bands can help!
  • NO MORE SPILLS! Beverage Bands expand the diameter of standard travel mugs, soda cans, and gas station beverages up to ½” making them fit better in your cup holder. The band eliminates the empty gap around the container.
  • TONS OF USES! Use on 12-16 oz soda cans, 20 oz plastic bottles, 12-28 oz Gas Station and Convenience coffee & fountain cups, slim travel mugs (2 1/4-3" bottom diameters). Use in the cup holders in your car, truck, RV, boat, golf carts; wherever you have a wobbly beverage.
  • AN INNOVATIVE IDEA! Engineered Silicone Adjustable Compression band stabilizes beverages to stop them from shifting, splashing and spilling. Easy to use: Slides from the bottom up over any beverage container too narrow to fit snugly in your car's cup holder.
  • REUSABLE, EASY TO STORE! YOU GET 2 BANDS! Just place in your cup holder when not in use. Patent Pending. Makers of Cup Keeper!


Outside dimensions - 3" circumference, 3/4" deep
Inside dimensions - 2.5" circumference, 3/4" deep.
Product Weight: .8 oz each 1.6 oz 2 pack

12-28 oz Gas Station Coffee Cups
12-28 oz Convenience Store Soda Cups
20 oz plastic bottles
12-16 oz soda cans
Slim Travel Mugs (2 ¼ - 3” bottom diameter)
Item #: 50215
UPC #: 728685502151


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