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End Bag Clutter!
Doodie Bag Keeper™ stores your free grocery bags and dispenses them one-at-a-time when you need one - like when you take Fido on a walk! Mount near Fido's leash and grab a free bag when you go! NO need to pay for Doodie Bags when you get them free from the store - simply re-use what you already have. Neatly store plastic shopping bags in a Doodie Bag Holder until your ready to go (or really, until Fido is ready to go!). Adhesive included, also has holes for screwing into wall (screws not included). Tapered design allows bags to loosen as they get to the bottom making them easy to pull out. Great for kitchen, laundry room and garage...anywhere you re-use plastic shopping bags. Holds 20+ bags. Black, White or Tan.


Weight: .3 lbs
Color: White, Black, Grey
Price: $5.95

Gadjit Doodie Bag

SKU: 79161
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