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No more fumbling with the Dryer Sheets, just Grab & Throw!
Dryer Sheet Caddy™ is a white plastic dispenser that mounts on a wall and holds a box of fabric softener dryer sheets. No more fumbling for the fabric softener sheet, just grab and throw in the dryer! It keeps the laundry room neater and more organized and keeps your dryer sheets out of the way. Your dryer sheet box stays put – even when you turn out the laundry room lights!

Dryer Sheet Caddy mounts easily on a laundry room wall with double-face foam adhesive tape or screws (mounting tape included). True -- Dryer Sheet Caddy™ won’t do your laundry for you – but it will make the job a little easier!

Weight: .3 lbs
Color: Grey
Price: $4.95

Gadjit Dryer Sheet Caddy

SKU: 78132
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