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co-Friendly Bows, just peel and stick!
Start a New Holiday Tradition with Bow Stickers: Eco-friendly gift bows that can be recycled along with gift-wrapping paper!
Bow Stickers look and perform like poly bows. They are flat, self-adhesive stickers that look and work like everyday bows. They come in assorted colors and are sold in packages of 30.

Bow Stickers eco-friendly. Because they’re made of paper, they can be recycled along with gift-wrapping paper, keeping tons of puffy bows out of our landfills. Standard poly bows carry a high eco-price in the form of plastics and harmful chemicals in landfills. But the good news is that presents can still sparkle, shine, and be eco-aware with new Bow Stickers.

Weight: .3 lbs
Color: Multi
Price: $9.95

Gadjit Holiday Bow Stickers, 30 Pack

SKU: 60130
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