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Hey RV, Campers and Truckers! 
Use One TV in Two Locations – Inside and Outside, RV and Garage! 

This Portable Full Motion TV Mount has 2 wall brackets for two different locations. 
Install one bracket in your RV, Camper or Truck and the other in a different location like the garage, or another room. 
Easily slide the locking arm out of the wall bracket, disconnect your cords and slide back into the other bracket in another location. Easy and Efficient! 

PLUS - This Mount Locks in place while against the wall keeping it stationary and secure when not in use or when the vehicle is in motion. 
No More Straps or Ties! 

Its design smoothly handles the bumps and vibrations of the road keeping your TV safe and sound. 

Quick Chain-Pull-Release is spring-loaded and makes locking and unlocking easy. 
No need to mess with screw knobs or hard to reach mechanisms. 
Just Pull and lock, Pull and Release! 

The Full Motion Articulating Arm extends 14.5” for perfect viewing from different directions. 
Additional Full Motion Features include a 180 degree swivel and 20 degrees of Tilt. 
The TV screen can be laterally adjusted 3 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise for a perfect adjustment. 

Also Great in High-Traffic areas and around kids in pets to keep the TV against the wall. 

Easy Single Stud installation. Included 2 wall brackets, 1 Portable Locking Arm Full Motion TV Mount with instruction manual and hardware. 



Model: 2311L-2 
VESA Hole patterns: 75 x 75, 100 x 100 
Weight Capacity: up to 33 lbs 
Tilt: Up 8 degrees, Down 12 degrees 
Swivel: 180 degrees 
Lateral Rotation: 3 degrees both clockwise and counter clockwise 
Profile against Wall: 2.75” 
Arm Extension: 14.5” 
Screen Size: up to 42” 
Lifetime Warranty Against Defects

Master Mounts 2311L-2 Multi-Location Articulating, Locking, 2 Brackets

SKU: 92555
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