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Gadjit Soda Bottle Hanging Bird Feeder Kits (2 Pack) Fill Plastic Soda Bottle w/ Bird Seed, Twist on Feeder Base, Hang Outdoors Feed Wild Birds Promotes Plastic Bottle Re-use


Turn Soda Bottles into Birdfeeders!
Reuse and recycle your soda bottles into bird feeders. This Best Selling Soda Bottle VALUE Feeder is a great value. Each feeder includes the twist-on base, hanger and an easy-refill hatch on the bottom. Inexpensive and a great craft project!

Weight: .26 lbs
Color: Terra Cotta, Black, Green
Price: $6.98




Soda Bottle Hanging Feeders - 2 pack (poly bagged)

SKU: 15115-2
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