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Gadjit Soda Bottle Jumbo Bird Feeder Kits (Pack of 2) - Fill a Plastic Soda Bottle with Bird Seed, Twist on Feeder Tray, Hang Outdoors, Promotes Plastic Bottle Re-use


Turn Soda Bottles into Birdfeeders!
Feed all kinds of birds and use different seeds too! Recycle your 2-liter soda bottles into a Jumbo Soda Bottle Bird Feeder. Two bottles give you the option to use two different seeds and you can feed more birds with fewer refills! This "kit" comes with everything you need -- just add your bottles and seed and you are ready to feed! Each unit includes 2 hangers, filling funnel, and twist-on feeding tray with an easy-to-refill hatch on the bottom. Complete instructions, beautiful 4 color packaging. Makes a fun family project and the birds love it too! Soda Bottles Not Included.

Weight: .7 lbs
Color: Terra Cotta, Green
Price: $11.90



Soda Bottle Jumbo Feeders - 2 pack (poly bagged)

SKU: 17117-2
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