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Gadjit Sprinkle Spout Daisy-Shaped Sprinkling Head (Pack of 2) - Attaches to Plastic Jugs, Turns Jugs into Sprinkling Cans (White & Yellow)


Turn Empty Jugs into Sprinkling Cans!
Turn empty plastic jugs into a watering sprinkler! This cute, Daisy-shaped spout snaps onto the neck of most plastic gallon and half-gallon jugs turning them into watering cans. The Daisy head is easily removed from the three-piece attachment to create its own filling funnel and pouring spout. Use Sprinkle Spout to water plants, flowers, and landscapes. It’s also great fun for kids to use during outdoor playtime. Convenient for mixing nutrients in your plant water. Turn your empty plastic jugs into water sprinklers. The bright yellow and white Sprinkle Spout fits on water jugs, milk jugs, juice jugs, laundry jugs, windshield washer fluid jugs, and glass cleaner jugs. Colorful packaging.

Weight: .1 lbs
Color: White
Price: $7.90



Sprinkle Spout - 2 pack (poly bagged)

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