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The Weighted Posture Training Pack is intended to promote upper back extension without any abdominal support brace. It is designed to Improve the core muscles and muscular support of the spine. Regular physical exercise is an excellent way to strengthen muscles and help prevent additional bone loss. Upright, weight bearing activities that place light to moderate tension on the spine and long bones of the body as well as walking exercises while wearing the Weighted Posture Training Pack are encouraged.


Always check with your physician first to be sure you are healthy enough to exercise. In some cases, your physician may advise you to perform specific exercises while wearing an additional back support.


Grateful Acknowledgement:

The Weighted Posture Training Pack and instruction manual were developed based upon the extensive research, studies and publications created by Mehrsheed Sinaki, M.D., and her development of the R.O.P.E program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  Dr. Sinaki’s dedication and strong commitment to the comprehensive management of osteoporosis is appreciated, internationally recognized and respected.

Please check the sizing chart to ensure the correct size & Check with you physician first before ordering or using.


**The use of the Weighted Posture Training Pack should be approved and individualized by your physician considering your condition, needs and abilities.

If you have had several compression fractures, exercises should be modified by your physician to address your specific needs and abilities.  Learn proper back extension exercises and their benefits from your physician or physical therapist.


Avoid Flexion or forward bending exercises. Flexion can cause strain on the spine which would increase the risk of fracture through compression of vertebral bodies.


The Weighted Posture Training Pack and the information included are intended to assist individuals in their effort to improve posture or prevent and lessen the effects of osteoporosis on the body. You should use this device and the information and directions only after discussing them with your physician. Be careful not to overdo or overuse. If the use of the Weighted Posture Training Pack to improve posture causes pain, discontinue use and consult your physician for further instruction.


Components Included:

- 1 Weighted Posture Training Pack

- One 1-lb Weight
- Three ¼ lb Weights
- Instruction Manual
- Exercise Sheet

- Only Available in the Color Black

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Weighted Posture Training Pack 1/4 lb weight (5 Pack)

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