School Bus Safety Tips

August 27, 2019


As the creators of the Original Buckle Guard Seat Belt Button Cover, we love to offer tips on keeping kids safe and secure in a motorized vehicle.  School Bus Safety is always a hot topic. 


Getting your kids to school and back home safely can be a major concern for parents. Safely is the key word.  Kids who are taught how to behave on a school bus will do their part to create a safer, nicer travel environment on the bus. 


Listen to your school bus driver and obey Bus Rules


Your school bus driver is the person “in charge” on the bus, and will expect bus riders to observe all the safety and bus-riding rules. 

Like your teachers and parents, bus drivers are trusted adults who have your safety in mind.  Follow their instructions.  Don’t argue with the bus driver.   

Don’t be afraid to ask the bus driver if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have questions or concerns about the bus driver, tell your parents and teacher. 

If there are set Bus Rules on your bus, follow them.


Be respectful to everyone on the bus

Keep your voices down so you can hear the driver's instructions.

Enjoy the ride.  Bus rides are great times to talk with the person in the seat next to you, maybe even a good place to make new friends.

Stay in your seat during the entire ride.  Buckle your seat belts properly (if your bus has seat restraints).  For more info on Buckle Guard seat belt cover, go to:

Report bullying and vandalism to the driver and to your parents.

Alert the driver if another child has fallen asleep on the bus.

Be responsible for your own belongings, such as school bags, lunch boxes, electronics, sports equipment, etc.


Be aware of safety in your School Zone

Both adults and kids need to practice “school zone” safety in the outdoor area where kids are getting into cars and buses, riding bikes, or walking home from school.  Often this school zones are at the school’s main entrance or main parking lot. 

After school, school zones will become crowded and chaotic with students, parents and vehicles. The situation this can quickly become dangerous if people aren't paying attention to their surroundings and other people.


Obey Street Safety Rules

Know what common street signs mean.  Red means “Stop”, Green means “Go”, etc.

Always STOP before stepping onto any street.  Don’t ever rush into any street or alleyway mindlessly.

Look both ways when you cross the street.

Cross the street in pedestrian crosswalks only.

Listen to the crossing guard, if they are on duty.

Walk to and from your school bus stop in groups.  A group is easier to see than a single child.


Check out our line of Seat Belt Buckle Guards!


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