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How to Create a Fun Spa Day With Kids— 10 Easy Steps

Looking for a fun project to do with your kids while they’re home?

Take care of yourself while you make lasting memories from the comfort of your own home! Teach your children the importance of wellness and self care. You and your kid’s body and minds will feel more at peace after a fun spa day together. Set aside an hour, a half day or make it an all-day event! Whatever works in your schedule so you can relax together and be fully present.

Photo by Gustavo Fring at Pexels

Here are 10 easy tips & resources to get you started:

1. Put your pajamas back on—get comfortable by wearing your favorite robe and slippers. No matter how long or short of a spa day you’re planning, this will help you both get in the “spa-day mood”. For a special surprise, try matching fuzzy robes!

2. Wash each other’s hair—a good head massage can increase circulation and blood flow which promotes hair growth and reduces stress.

Using a Shampoo brush is the best way to clean your hair while also getting in a head massage. Our favorite is right here

3. Pamper your feet—from pumice to brush to polish, happy feet feel good and look nice and healthy. Start with a relaxing saltwater soak to soften dead skin and toenails so they’re easier to trim. The best way to trim your toenails is to cut straight across with clean clippers, this helps the nail grow and prevents any ingrown toenails. After trimming, use a pumice to remove calluses (see #3), moisturize your heels and the bottom of your feet (no tickling), then paint each other’s toenails! Go natural or try something fun and different—pastels and blues are in!

To continue your pretty feet, check out Soapy Soles and Soapy Toes for your shower, no more bending and balancing to take care of your feet

4. Get rid of your calluses—whether on your heel, your hands or your elbows a pumice can get rid of calluses and soften skin. Calluses come both from too much time on the monkey bars and from being overworked. Take a wet pumice and gently rub it back and forth to remove the unsightly dead skin cells. Rinse and moisturize when done.

Need an affordable pumice? Here’s a few options:

5. Fancy Fingernails, Clean hands are so important—they keep you healthy and look nice. Before the polish, start with a good foundation of clean, trimmed fingernails. Buy an inexpensive nail file that’s decorated and makes you smile. After cleaning don’t forget to moisturize your hands before painting each other’s nails! You pick a color for them and they pick a color for you. Try paint a smiley face as a reminder of your day.

Need help getting the grime out from under your fingernails? Use this brush !

6. Exfoliate and massage your back—help relieve stress, refresh your skin. Your neck and back muscles can hold so much tension. Sit on the floor and cross your legs, one person in front of the other and take 5 minutes to rub the tension out of shoulder muscles and then switch places.

For continued back care maintenance, massage and exfoliate skin in the shower, check out this ergonomic back brush and massager, the Back Spa !

7. DIY Facemask—for the ultimate spa-experience at home try a fun facemask. From making it to putting it on each other to the clean and refreshed feeling after, this will be an unforgettable experience together. It is so easy to use simple ingredients that you already have in the kitchen. The next time you see the baking soda, you will all remember your fun day together!

For simple and quick face mask recipes, here are some that actually work!

8. Style each other’s hair—Let them try something on your hair you never imagined and finally do their hair the way you always wanted to. Whether it’s a different part, braids or funky ponytails, go crazy! Give them an extra confidence boost and make them feel like they are both the best hairdresser and have the best dressed hair in the world.

Photo Gustavo Fring at Pexels

9. Meditation—take time to lay out and relax. Meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Put on some soft music and maybe even dim the lights. Sit in chairs with your backs supported and your feet flat on the ground, rest your hands on the tops of legs in a comfortable position. Put some cucumbers on your eyes before taking several deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind.

10. Rehydrate—after all is said and done, take time to pour you kid a big glass of orange juice and yourself a glass of cucumber water (hopefully not made with the same cucumbers that were just on your eyes). Rehydrate your body and share what you liked best about your spa experience together.

Even if your nails turn out terrible and your hair doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, the most important thing about having a spa day with your kids is the time you get to spend together. Take a breath, relax, have fun and be sure to add time for smiles and laughs!

Photo by Monika Grabkowska at Unsplash

Check out these products for your Spa Day:

at! One for You and One for the kids!

Malia Takeshita is a contributing writer on the McNaughton Inc team. Copyright McNaughton Inc 2020


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