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Looking for a Fun, Affordable School, Scout Group or Church Project?

Check out McNaughton Inc's Bird Feeding for Kids Program!

This Program promotes the care and feeding of wild birds, as well as the importance of re-using empty plastic soda bottles. It's more important than ever to keep plastic from ending up in our oceans. Re-using plastic bottles is one easy answer to this very big problem.

By pairing empty plastic soda bottles with affordable Gadjit Bird Feeding Kits, every child can make their very own wild bird feeder!

So EZ and Fun! Just fill a clean, empty soda bottle with bird seed or nectar, twist on the plastic feeding base, attach the hanger, and hang outdoors. Bottles can be decorated, too.

8 Different Kits to Choose From

Bird Feeding Starter Kit * Hanging Bird Feeder Kit

Window Bird Feeder Kit * Thistle Feeder Kit

Jumbo Feeder Kit * Window Hummingbird Kit

Hanging Hummingbird Kit * Watering Well Kit

Are you Ready for a Fun Project?

Fly Over to to Order!

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