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Don't Let a Bad Boat Prop Keep You Off the Water!

Ready to hit the lake? But got a bad boat propeller?


Replacing your boat’s propeller doesn’t have to be a pain in the aft! Now you can replace your own propeller and be back to having fun on the water in minutes with new Tidal Wake Harmonic Prop Puller. This harmonic style puller allows you to remove props for repair or replacement in a snap.

A DYI Dream Perfect for do-it-yourselfers – this new product saves you time, money, and sanity!

Tech over Torque This new powerful, compact design replaces the cumbersome, outdated c-clamp style pullers, essentially using harmonic technology over forceful torque. It fits any single engine inboard boat with a 1" or 1 1/8" prop shaft, including "direct" and "V-drive" boats of any size. Works on 2, 3, 4, and 5 blade propellers. Nice!

How does it work? A harmonic prop puller works by screwing a puller onto the end of the propeller shaft and then striking the prop puller with a hammer or mallet.

Good Vibrations! Those harmonic vibrations cause the prop to unseat and back off the shaft. This product has a domed-top design that makes easy work of the striking process. One or more strikes —that’s all it takes for the prop to vibrate off the propeller shaft. Sort of like magic.

Made in the USA Tidal Wake's Harmonic Prop Pullers are individually machined one-at-a time from premium grade stainless steel. They're made in the USA, tariff-free. 😊 Only $45!

Good Article -- Pre-Season Boating Check List by Patrick McNaughton

Check out Tidal Wake Harmonic Prop Puller @!

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