Make Every Day Earth Day

At McNaughton Inc, we like to think of every day as Earth Day, although it's officially celebrated worldwide on April 22nd each year. Back when is wasn't cool to be tree-huggers, we were creating earth-friendly products, including our line of Soda Bottle Bird Feeders that reuse empty plastic soda bottles to make wild bird feeders. Save a Bottle; Feed the Birds!

We'd like to wish you a very Happy Earth Day and sincerely hope you give Mother Earth a helping hand on Earth Day and every day!


♦April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day celebrated.

♦ Earth Day originated in the United States in the 70,s but was not celebrated worldwide until 1990!

♦ Gaylord Nelson was the founder of Earth day all while he was working as a US Senator.

♦ In 2009 the UN re-named Earth Day to International Mother Earth Day.

♦ Every Year on April 22, men, women, children, come together planting trees, picking up garbage, or even just promoting a healthy planet. All trying to help our plant have a better future.

♦ It is common for schools or even entire communities to celebrate it for an entire week!

♦ In 2011 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan

♦ In 2012 more that 100,00 people in china road bikes to help save fuel and reduce co2 emissions.

♦ A name I’m glad the didn’t go with but was considered for Earth Day was “The National Environment Teach-In” Earth Day has a much better ring!

♦ Earth Day is a worldwide celebrated holiday! It teaches environmental awareness in 121 countries!

♦ In 1995 President Clinton presented Senator Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the founding of Earth Day.

♦ The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) does lot’s of different things to back and support Earth Day. They ask participants to try and complete 5 Eco-friendly activities and photograph the projects.

♦ A bell made of coins donated by school children is rang by the United Nations on Earth day to celebrate and promote world peace.

♦ There are over 22,000 partners and 192 countries involved with the Earth Day network!

♦ In 1995 President Clinton presented Senator Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the founding of Earth Day.

Check out our Soda Bottle Bird Feeders

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