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5 Things You “Must-Know” When Buying a TV Wall Mount

HINT: It Has Nothing To Do With The Screen Size!

Here are 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW when buying a TV Mount for your flat screen TV:

1. Know that it has nothing to do with the size of the screen. Nope – size does not matter.

2. Know what the VESA pattern is on your TV – you must buy a mount with the same VESA pattern as your TV. What is a VESA pattern? In short – it is the pattern of mounting holes on the back of your TV; they are measured in millimeters. Standard patterns are 100x100, 200x200, 400 x 400 etc. (Cheat: 100 millimeters is approximately 4”) For more on VESA Patterns - Read this article…”Will it Fit”

3. Know how much your TV weighs. TV Mounts have weight capacities – the mount you buy must be able to hold the weight of your TV or you could have a disaster!

4. Know where you will be mounting your TV and how will you be viewing it. Do you need an articulating mount? Flat Fixed Mount? Tilt and swivel? Consider the room, seating, viewing angles and traffic flow of the room in deciding what style of mount you need. For example, if TV is mounted up high, you will want a tilt feature to adjust the viewing angle. Will you be viewing from different places? Consider an articulating arm with swivel so you can move the screen towards the different viewing areas.

5. Know you will want a lock if your TV will be in a moving vehicle. TVs mounted in a Motor Coach, Bus or Boat, may need to articulate out into a room for best viewing but you will want to be able to lock them back in place while you are in motion so TV does not get damaged or hurt someone in the vehicle if it is swinging around.

For some odd reason, the TV Mount industry uses screen size to determine what kind of mount you need for a TV. The screen size is a general guideline as to what type of VESA pattern a TV might have. It is not precise or always accurate.

Almost every week we get calls from people who have purchased a TV mount somewhere that does not fit their TV! We are on a mission to help people buy the right mount the first time! And it really boils down to the VESA pattern, the weight and the use. Pass it on!

Check out our line of Master Mounts!

Copyright @ 2016 Jamie McNaughton

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