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5 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips

Spring is a great time for home cleaning and organizing. Whether you're taking on a big project or a few smaller jobs, it all counts! Here are 5 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips to try:

Tip 1. Short on Refrigerator Space?

Use turn tables or a Lazy Susan to store and organize food.

Tip 2. Need more Cabinet Space?

Hang your pots and pans on the wall near your oven.

Tip 3. Is the Space under your Sink a mess?

Try hanging spray bottles from a tension rod.

Tip 4. Are your cooking tools hard to find?

Store your mixing and measuring tools in one drawer and your knives and cutting tools in another.

Tip 5. Do you have too many dishes in too many colors and patterns?

Opt for All-White Dishes to use for every occasion.

Check out the Gadjit Housewares Collection for Kitchen Organizing Products!

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