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What Do Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day?

In the days leading up to Mom’s big day on Sunday, everyone seems to be clamoring to find the perfect gift for Mom.

What does she want? Does she want flowers? A fancy brunch? Time away from her crying children?

Needing answers, I asked my Mom-Friends on Facebook – “What do you really want for Mother’s Day?” -- and here is what they said. Their requests may surprise you!

Melissa Fischer Tessier Peace and quiet and to not hear the word “Mom”!!!

Brianna Lewis Schwartz Every year on Mother's Day my daughter and I have watched her birth video, per her request. This will be the 1st year my little girl is away from me on Mother's Day. So what I want is to find her birth video and watch it and reflect on how amazing being a mother is and how blessed I am to have a sweet kind loving little girl who thinks that I am amazing no matter what I do. Along with the opportunity to give her a huge hug and hold her.

Terri Danz For the past few years, my grown sons have been coming over and they play football in the front yard with my husband and teenage son while I watch from a lawn chair and laugh...that's all I want for Mother's Day... all of us being together and them being their own crazy selves!

Rebecca MiMi Lewis The best gift I could ever again are these. Just a few hours interrupted get together. This year myself my daughter and my son are in 3 different states and if I receive a phone call from them that will be the best! And if not I will call them tell them thank you for letting me be your mom.

Quandra Meyer To be able to sleep in and wake fully rested! Then spend the day out with the family at a park for a picnic.

Annie Ellis Spending the day outside with my family! And being surprised with a really nice gift! Which sounds so totally selfish compared to the other comments. But I love a gift.

Maryann Thomas Reassurance that they love me and that I'm doing a pretty good job at this motherhood stuff.

Mary Rausch No pressure to do anything, just a relaxing day with my son. Maybe go on a bike ride in the beautiful weather.

What do I really want for Mother’s Day? I would like to hang out with my kids and grand-kids—share stories about their “perfect” childhoods…and laugh!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Go ahead -- buy yourself a gift! :)

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