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4 Ingredients for a Fantastic Father's Day

Did you know that it is the 107th anniversary of Father's Day? Yup! The first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

This year, over 70 million dads will this celebrated this holiday. Nearly 75 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Father's Day. That’s a lot of celebrating!

Here are 4 Tips to make your celebrate fantastic.


Get Together! Whether it's at a nice restaurant brunch or a cup of "joe" at the local coffee bar, make TIME to be with Dad. If you're not in the same town or it's difficult to get together, then take time for a meaningful phone call.

Ask him to share stories about his favorite memories, life events, life lessons, or proudest moments. How about having a BBQ for Dad? Most dads would really enjoy grilling and eating burgers. Don't forget his favorite fixings’! Anchovies, anyone?


This can be as simple as a hand drawn "Award" all the way up to a beautiful scrap book or digital slide show. Show Dad you're grateful for all the nice things he does now and honor all the cool things he has done in his life.

To create a free Father's Day online Certificate, check out this website: TheHolidaySpot.


Remember, it isn't how big or how much, it's the thought that counts. To find the perfect gift, ask yourself … "What does Dad like to do?"

Does he love coffee? How about a bag of his favorite coffee beans or a gift card to his favorite coffee shop?

Does he like motorcycles? Check out the Biker Photo Album.

How about a cool accessory for his car like Cup Keeper or Gas Guard XL?

Does he like to tinker? Maybe he'd like a new hammer, wrench, or screwdriver.

The best gift is a thoughtful gift.


Show your affection. Never miss the opportunity to tell Dad you love him and are grateful for all he has done for you. Throw in hugs (or a meaningful handshake, if you're not a hugger) and the day is complete!

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